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Base Layers

Base Layers are created to keep you cool on the hottest summer rides and warm during those cold winter morning coffee rides. Constructed from a fan mesh fabric, that provides warmth, cooling and UPF protection. It may change the way you ride forever.

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Our range consists of colourful designs, long and short finger, fleece or lyrca, padded or non padded palm area, aero and standard length. This allows you to choose a glove that meets your style of riding and comfort.

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Hydration Holder

The age-old question - to be or not to be? Is it a water bottle or bidon? Only the pure of heart will know. Our Hydration Holders will keep you refreshed and vibrant, allowing you to maintain maximum wattage deep into a ride.



Comfort style breathability. We offer a wide range of socks from cotton, aero lycra and merino wool. Choose a design style or fabric to meet your riding needs

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Your club, race team, business or just for your mate. Custom kits can be created for a special event or a weekly ride. Standout in your own custom kit


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