Bring your kit to life

Have your own design great! If not it's ok, talk to our team and let us bring your vision to life.


Every custom customer will have different needs. Find products to suit your Crew.


    You may not even know what colour you want, some may already have their ultimate kit envisioned in their mind or even designed. Regardless of where you're at speak to our designers to get custom kit under way.


    from organising team/friends and getting together a bulk order or speak to us about setting a team shop. Either way we set about making the process as easy as possible.


    Once you have signed off on your design or closed Team Shop orders we will start the production of your custom kit. Normally with delivery the process takes between 5-6 weeks.


    Time to get excited. We offer 2 types of delivery, express post which can be added to Team shop portal. Or a bulk delivery to a your team co ordinator or central team location

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