Monton Australia


Monton Australia was born out of our love for cycling. We knew that we loved our cycling and decided to combine our work and passion.  This started the search for a company that made cutting edge cycling clothing, with great tech fabric and design at an amazing price. 

Monton® Sports.  This meeting opened the doors to start Monton Sports Australia.  We have been looking after our Monton Australia clients since 2018. We are Family business based in Brisbane, Queensland.


Monton®Sports is based in Shenzhen China. The directors and team vision resonated with what we were searching for in our love of cycling. The freedom to enjoy the outdoors, exercise, breathe fresh air and lower carbon emissions, embrace cycle living while looking and feeling amazing in our kits.  Monton has been in the cycling kit business since 2002. Opening their doors as an OEM manufacturer for brands throughout the world, they continued to improve their craft and in 2009 created their own clothing line. Monton works as a team with designers located all through the world. Our products are always evolving to meet the demands of cyclists. From fabrics to style, cuts, designs and comfort, we know we have the kit for you. We have everything we need at our fingertips, which gives us the chance to not only showcase Monton’s own line but also use these resources to create one of the best custom kit programs on the market.