Garment Care

Caring For Your New Favourite Kit.

All Monton cycling clothing utilises quality performance fabrics and light weight construction. The result is a great fit and feeling kit that will quickly become your go to kit. With anything that feels this good, you need to know how to care for it.

Washing Your New Favourite Kit in this fast paced world, we can’t always hand wash our kits as we should.  So, if you can’t, please be sure to use a protective laundry bag on a delicate wash. Not taking the time to care for your favourite kit may cause abrasion and premature wear to the fabrics. 

Remember these Rules :

1. Hand Wash if Possible;
2. Protective Laundry Bag; or
3. Follow Rule 1 or 2

If you need to machine wash, use a quality detergent, cool/warm water (no more than 30 degrees), wash dark colours separately.

Not All Water Is the Same

Always use cold water to wash your kit.  As cyclists we love hot coffee, but don’t wash your kit in coffee. Cold water is best, warm at worst. Always use a high quality laundry detergent. Forget the softeners, bleach and hot water as these could damage your kit.

Drying Options For Your New Favourite Kit

Remember to hang dry your kits.  Be sure it’s a well-ventilated area, try to keep out of direct sunlight. We know you may be keen to wear your new kit every day.  But do not tumble dry or store in hot and humid conditions as this can cause damage to the fabric structure and colour fading.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Do Not Iron

Do Not Bleach

Do Not Tumble Dry

Do Not Dry Clean