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Monton Australia


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Bikepacking Saddle Bag with easy setup
Bikepacking bags are the modern alternative for multi-day rides. You can carry a lot of gear – especially light compressible items such as clothing, sleeping bags, mats & more – without a big impact on bike handling.
It is designed to hold on securely beneath your saddle, and makes for an incredibly secure and lightweight bikepacking setup. The fully waterproof, mid-sized 16.5L Bikepacking Saddle Bag clamps to your seatpost. This provides a more rigidl & secure mount then just fixed to your saddle rails. It includes extra cinch-down compression straps, to provide more stability while riding rough terrain or full-on adventure mountain biking. A side valve helps to squeeze out surplus air.
Easy to use with its simple hook and loop attachment.
External cargo bungee
Side-mounted valve
Securely fastened to seat post and saddle with sturdy plastic clips.
Full waterproof construction.
Volume: 16.5L
Measurement: 6x15x76CM